Ohio George Murray Lodge #67 FOP. Statewide the FOP boasts a membership of over 24,000 police officers.  There are nearly 200 local lodges of which the George Murray Lodge is one.  The George Murray Lodge consists of police officers from seventeen agencies and has nearly 400 active members and 150 retired members.  It was formed for the following purposes:


  • To better existing work conditions of policemen and policewomen.
  • To advance social, charitable, and educational undertakings among policemen and policewomen.
  • To inculcate loyalty and allegiance to the United States of America.
  • To further justice and humanity by means of equality of treatment of all before the law.
  • To protect the rights and encourage the development of policemen and policewomen.
  • To advocate rigid enforcement in a uniform manner, of all civil service laws applicable to policemen and policewomen.
  • To support all laws, ordinances, and rules or regulations protecting or favorably affecting the welfare of policemen and policewomen.
  • To protect the constitutional rights of policemen and policewomen.
  • To assist policemen and policewomen who are suspended, dismissed, or relieved of duty without justification.
  • To advocate the establishment and permanent maintenance of sound pension and retirement funds for policemen and policewomen.